New Diagnosis

You do not have to walk this path alone!

Receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer is just the beginning of a very personal and unique journey for you and your loved ones. This path can be scary at times, and will likely present a variety of emotional and physical challenges.

The South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SCOCF) is here to support you and your family throughout the course of your disease. Many of us have walked the same path. We are here to provide you with information, compassion and encouragement.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you probably will feel uncertain and have many questions about the disease. How will it affect my body and my life? What’s the best plan of action to manage the disease? What treatment side effects will I experience?

Please contact us if you have been recently diagnosed to learn more about the resources we provide. Call 864-373-6306 or email us at

Bag of Hope for Patients in Treatment

The South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation is happy to provide a Bag of Hope to help newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients in South Carolina. Whenever possible, the Bag of Hope will be delivered by a local ovarian cancer survivor who can share information with you on resources to help you with your recovery. She will show you how the items in the bag will be helpful during your treatment and beyond.

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Monthly Survivors’ Lunches

We invite you to attend a meeting in your area where ovarian cancer survivors are treated each month to lunch by SCOCF. Contact us for the date and location of an upcoming lunch where you can meet others who are long-term survivors, recently diagnosed or somewhere in between. All will make you feel welcomed and encourage you on your journey. Call 864-373-6306 or email us at

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Woman to Woman Support Program

We will also introduce you to an Upstate South Carolina resource called Woman to Woman. Woman to Woman is a program of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA). Ovarian cancer survivors from the South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation’s Upstate group serve as volunteer mentors in this program which is available to patients from all area hospital systems. Woman to Woman is a unique support program that pairs gynecologic cancer patients with trained survivor volunteers who provide one-on-one emotional support and mentoring to women when they need it most. It is optional and a separate program from our monthly survivors’ lunch support group.

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