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We are dedicated to improving the health of women through education on the warning signs of ovarian cancer, support of those diagnosed with the disease and promotion of ovarian cancer research.

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Know the Signs

Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, especially in the early stages. Do you know the signs?

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  • Searching for Answers; Finding Dignity | Meet a Scientist 03/24/2020
    Cockroaches after a nuclear war. That is really the best way to understand what Dr. Ugo Cavallaro, a cell biologist and biochemist, is working on in his lab in Milan, Italy. He is trying to understand why an ovarian cancer tumor, which is successfully removed along with surrounding tissue, can manifest itself again. “This happens… […]
  • Combination Niraparib plus Pembrolizumab Shows Promise 06/18/2019
    (June 18, 2019) Results of new trials, funded in part by OCRA though the Ovarian Cancer Dream Team and published in JAMA Oncology, show that combination niraparib plus pembrolizumab therapy showed promising antitumor activity in patients with ovarian cancer. Patients with recurrent ovarian carcinoma frequently develop resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy, at which time treatment options… […]

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