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We are dedicated to improving the health of women through education on the warning signs of ovarian cancer, support of those diagnosed with the disease and promotion of ovarian cancer research.

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Know the Signs

Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, especially in the early stages. Do you know the signs?

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  • OCRA Funded Research Reveals Immune Suppression in Ovarian Cancer 10/15/2018
    (October 15, 2018) This month in Nature, researchers from Weill Cornell published a study that helps to explain why the body’s natural immune response struggles to fight back against ovarian cancer. Using ovarian tumors from humans and mice, they found that T cells, vital to destroying cancerous cells, are inhibited because of the tumor’s effect… […]
  • Certain Kinds of Contemporary Birth Control Pills Shown to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk 10/11/2018
    (October 11, 2018) The BMJ recently published a study from Denmark about the effect that newer birth control pills have on ovarian cancer risk. Researchers focused on two kinds of pills, those which contained both estrogen and progestogen or those which only had progestogen. In this study, rather than having a specific number of people… […]

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