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Upcoming Dragon Boat Festival: We'll paddle on Saturday, May 6, 2017 for funds to fight cancer!

Portman Marina on Lake Hartwell
Our 2017 Date is Saturday, May 6th.
The 2016 Dragon Boat Upstate Festival was a huge success.  We had two teams on the water, O'Very Good Boat and Sarah's Sailors/SCOCF and registered our first ever heat win with a time of 59.68 seconds!
SCOCF is so proud to be an organizing partner of this fantastic event.   You could feel the HOPE in the air as the Upstate cane together to raise funds for local cancer research.  It was an amazing day filled with racing, friendship, and fun.  A world record was set for a Dragon Boat fundraising event: $580,000 by the day of the race!
Move over cancer, we're paddling!

Dragon Boat Upstate Festival benefits cancer research and survivorship programs at the Cancer Institute of Greenville Health System (GHS)Winn the Fight and South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

The Dragon Boat Upstate Festival benefits cancer research and survivorship programs at the Cancer Institute of Greenville Health System (GHS), Winn the Fight and South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation. To date, Dragon Boat Upstate Festival has raised over $2.2 million for local cancer research and rehabilitation.

Dragon Boat dollars have helped launch: 

  • Winn the Fight Tissue Bank – a tissue repository that tracks the effectiveness of current and new treatments for all cancer types, in order to better understand and treat cancers through their genetic profiles.
  • ITOR Tissue Bank Freezers and Storage Tracking – over 2,300 samples stored for future use.
  • Molecular screening for new treatment solutions – now standard part of many treatments at GHS Cancer Institute, located at Greenville Memorial Medical Campus.
  • Rare Tumor Center – launched March 2014 to serve nearly 100 families from across the country. These rare tumors represent nearly 20% of all cancers. The only center of its kind in the U.S.