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We are dedicated to improving the health of women through education on the warning signs of ovarian cancer, support of those diagnosed with the disease and promotion of ovarian cancer research.

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Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, especially in the early stages. Do you know the signs?

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  • Studies Show that Current Chemotherapy Dosage is Still Best Option for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 09/15/2017
    (September 15, 2017) Two studies just confirmed that, depending on one’s genetic background, the standard treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer is most likely the best option. The studies, conducted with two different populations, showed that, although the outcomes conflicted one another, the option that offered the best progression free survival was the one already used.… […]
    Emily Hickey
  • The Link Between Chemotherapy Resistance and a Tumor’s BRCA1/2 Mutations 09/05/2017
    (September 5, 2017) Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently uncovered a link between one’s resistance to common types of chemotherapy and one’s tumor BRCA1/2 mutation status. More specifically, they looked at both copies of the BRCA genes, one copy given by each parent. Until recently, it had been assumed that mutated BRCA gene left… […]
    Emily Hickey

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